head-shots-EXEC-rectangle-peterPeter Herzog

Peter Herzog is the founder of Real Estate Development Services (REDS) and Central California Housing Corporation (CCHC) and the co-founder of Affordable Housing Development Corporation.  Currently, his primary scope of activity for the companies includes the direction of the corporate Advisory Board and executive management of portfolio operations for Central California Housing Corporation and Affordable Housing Development Corporation.  Peter participates in Executive Management Team meetings to provide guidance, support, general oversight, and strategic planning on all projects REDS is involved in.

Since 1984, Peter has been responsible for the development and finance of over 15,000 apartment units in California. Much of his energy has been focused on exploring and utilizing a broad range of tax-exempt and conventional financing options through the changing needs of multiple economic and industry cycles. Under his guidance, REDS has secured in excess of $800 million in tax-exempt bond, tax credit, and conventional financing for multi-family and senior developments. Over the past 30 years, Peter has also been instrumental in establishing, fostering, and maintaining extensive relationships with lenders, investors, syndicators, tax advisors, attorneys, and contractors, among other industry knowledgeable team members, who are experts in turning affordable multi-family developments into housing dreams for thousands of families. Through the ownership and management of the properties that he has developed, built, and rehabilitated, Peter has led his family of companies to their current prominence as top developers and owners of high quality multi-family and senior housing throughout California.

In 2001, Peter was presented with the Community Business Leadership Award by the Family Self-Sufficiency Corps of Fresno County. In addition, Peter and his wife Laura were recipients of multiple Family Self-Sufficiency Corps “Benefactor of the Year” awards in 2004 through 2013 for their generous contributions and fundraising efforts on behalf of the non-profit program, representing over $1 million raised to assist low-income Fresno County families in achieving economic self-sufficiency and reach their dreams of higher education and home ownership. Peter received the ‘California Family Business Award” from The Institute of Family Business in 2005 and the “Bank of the West Community Leader Award” in 2010.

Currently, Peter is an active board member of California Council for Affordable Housing, a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization dedicated to facilitating the development and expansion of affordable housing in the State of California by devoting its resources to: tracking relevant state and federal legislation, monitoring current housing development and finance programs, making recommendations on appropriate housing and programs, and keeping the CCAH membership informed about these matters.