"After over 20 years of investing in multiple projects with REDS, my only regret is that I didn't have more money to invest with them 5, ten or twenty years ago. The strong long-term growth of my investment value and annual returns have withstood major events like stock and financial market crises, making multifamily real estate investment a secure balancing force in my overall investment portfolio."

- Bill Kearney, Investor since 1992

"We have had a long history with REDS that just keeps getting better.  In today’s uncertain real estate and financial market, having a nimble and creative partner helps my Authority achieve its goals.  REDS evaluates the risks, creates alternatives, and then guides us through the complex steps of a development.  REDS has brought knowledge, relationships, and strong analytical skills that result in housing for our community."

- Preston Prince, Executive Director, Fresno Housing Authority

“I had the opportunity to work with REDS on the Fresno Housing Authority’s 215 unit development Parc Grove Commons. The transaction was complicated with multiple sources of financing, subsidy and regulation. I was impressed with REDS’ thoughtful financing structure, the attractiveness of the development they put together, and their understanding of the details. I appreciated their commitment to the success of our investment and look forward to working with them again.”

-Timothy J. McCann, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

“It has been a pleasure working with REDS. They have kept every promise they ever made to Clovis, and then some.”

-Harry Armstrong, Mayor, City of Clovis

"Working with Real Estate Development Services in connection with the Parc Grove Commons transaction provided a special level of attention and coordination to the closing process. Laurie and her team were very helpful in organizing tasks and ensuring that key issues related to the real estate development process were not overlooked. In a deal with several components, REDS offered invaluable support."

-Amy M. McClain, Ballard Spahr LLP

“REDS knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, as is the quality of their product. As a partner and lender, we are most impressed with REDS’ track record and follow-through. When they make a commitment they keep it.”

- Marc D. Schnitzer, President, R4 Capital

“In working with REDS over the past 8 years, they have become an instrumental part if our team. They are there any time we need to fill gaps in our capacity, or take developments from start to finish, allowing us to focus on the planning and execution of our long term agency goals.“

- Michael Duarte, Sr. Development Manager, Fresno Housing Authority