Have you been looking for the right solution for your multifamily land or development? Do you feel like your project is at times simply overwhelming and you need answers?

With over 30 years of multifamily real estate experience, REDS has amassed extensive knowledge in all aspects of development, refinancing and repositioning processes for all multifamily housing types and markets. We provide consulting support at any stage of the multifamily life cycle and we understand your desire for professional guidance and reliable financial management of your project or property. We have a long history of deep personal relationships with clients that have benefitted from our understanding of the complexities of the multifamily industry time and time again.

REDS can guide your project from concept to completion generating tangible and meaningful outcomes in areas including land acquisition, entitlements, financing, construction, lease up and more.   Don’t let the process overwhelm you; trust in our reputation and experience and see results in your investments first hand.

Learn more about how REDS services can help you accomplish your goals today.