The REDS Project Management Strategy

The REDS approach to project management involves exploring every detail of a project to uncover how we can maximize the financial and physical strength of your development strategy. Each client is matched with a personal project manager that guides your deal and works in close relationship with you and your staff throughout the process. Through 30 years of financing, building, owning and operating multi-family real estate for ourselves and third-party clients, we have built detailed strategies of how to maximize the performance of a project team (architects, engineers, financing partners, legal, third party consultants, etc.) and guide your finance, development and design choices to build an asset that is attractive, has strong financial performance, provides an attractive asset to the community and has longevity in the market.

You are not just a “project,” but rather a valued client that we endeavor to work with and support in all of your development efforts for years to come. Relationships are our strength, and the arena where we add security and value for our clients unlike anyone else in the industry.