Land Acquisition

  • Evaluate preliminary financial feasibility utilizing proprietary financial models
  • Cursory assessment of zoning, entitlement and potential environmental issues with local municipality
  • Analyze potential development sites for 4% and 9% tax credit service amenity scoring
  • Conduct internal market analysis of market comparables, rent studies, existing multi-family vacancy rates and local income demographics
  • Negotiation of purchase and sale agreement terms and conditions with brokers and land owners to correspond with the project timeline


  • Evaluate design compliance with zoning ordinances, set back requirements and architectural design guidelines required by the local municipality
  • Engage 3rd party reports including environmental analysis for Phase 1 and 2 environmental studies, geotechnical studies, environmental Impact reports, traffic studies, acoustical studies etc.
  • Manage plan check and permitting process by managing architects, engineers, and local government planning official correspondence
  • Represent project and client in municipal meetings and public hearings where required

Infill / Brownfield Site

  • Successful track record of completed development deals utilizing infill and brownfield sites
  • Investigation of all feasible construction sites and sourcing project sites that are suitable for reuse, including infill lots and coordination with local government bodies to utilize brownfield sites.