Marketing/Lease Up/Stabilization

  • Consistent meetings are set to discuss the absorption schedule, application and income eligibility requirements, tax credit delivery schedule, and review the lease-up and stabilized budgets
  • Evaluate the status of the primary rental market to implement strategies that provide the project with a
    competitive edge
  • Develop timeline to establish, track and monitor the absorption milestones set forth by ownership


Asset / Property Management

  • Strategic planning asset management for all portfolio types and sizes to achieve target goals and maximize asset value
  • Professionally manages portfolio of 6,000 units in California and 90,000 nationwide in partnership with Winn Residential

Long-term Exit Strategy / Portfolio Management / Year 15 

  • Analyze portfolio for refinance opportunities to increase cash flow from utilizing intelligent mezzanine financing structures with no cash out of pocket
  • Ability to refinance debt structure to meet long-term ownership goals by buying out limited partners and negotiating with general partners
  • Evaluate asset deal structure and recommend exit strategy including options for sale, refinance, LP buyout and re-syndication
  • Management of debt and equity teams, third party reports, lender legal/due diligence process and title/escrow coordination