2015 Fresno Housing Education Corps Wine Festival & Auction

It was a very warm summer day at the Herzog residence where the stage was set for a fun and worthy cause; The Annual Wine Festival & Auction to raise funds and awareness for Fresno Housing Education Corps* (FHEC).  Over 300 guests enjoyed various vendors with delectable foods as well as enticing wines and spirits raising $175,000, $30,000 of which was dedicated to their scholarships alone.

There were many interesting silent auction items and the live auction proved to be quite thrilling with an extra Fresno Chaffee Zoo Exclusive dinner and tour of the zoo being donated on the spot raising an additional $4,250!!

The crowd reveled in the relaxed party environment, and appreciated hearing from a young man whose life has been directly touched by FHEC, helping him to transform a difficult past into a bright, promising future. Through his personal story and others like it, attendees left knowing that their donations will touch the lives of many deserving Fresno County residents, as they have with thousands of FHEC participants before them.

REDS has been a top sponsor of this event and the Fresno Housing Education Corps since its inception along with Peter and Laura Herzog generously hosting the event each year at no cost to the organization.

*In 2013, the Family Self-Sufficiency program became the Fresno Housing Education Corps.